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Trying Kink Serial

M/M Romance & Kink novellas in a serial style

Parts 1-3 complete.
Story closes with a full Novel as part 4.

Bad Daddy_Part 1.png

Bad Daddy
(Novella #1)

July 2019

What if you wanted to be watched? Knowing that someone was there, in the shadows watching… wanting… breathless… a voyeur in the dark.

I’m a good boy. I do well in school and after this summer my plan was to start college and escape my boring life. All I had to do was just get through the holidays working at the auto shop.

But that was before Sonny showed up. Leather-wearing, danger-loving, Sonny. I’m obsessed. The way his hands move, caressing and gliding over tools and car parts; how his thighs straddle his motorbike as it roars into the shop each morning; and how he looks at me—because Sonny sees right through me, burning me with his raw heat.

Good Boy_Part 2.png

Good Boy
(Novella #2)

August 2019

What if you couldn't look away? If you couldn't fight the desire to watch or be watched. And what if there was a way to do just that? Somewhere where good boys turned bad...

I’m still a good boy, aren't I? Even if I've done things that I shouldn't have? Seen things, felt things, touched things...
Sonny’s like a drug and I'm completely hooked.
He's testing me; challenging me to be the good boy he wants. But underneath it all I know he's really craving me to defy him. Because Sonny's a bad Daddy and he's going to corrupt me.

Good Boy is Part Two in the Trying Kink serial.

The Tease jpeg.jpg

The Tease
(Novella #3)

September 2019

What if you couldn’t stop yourself? Your thoughts consumed by the pleasures and indulgences you’d tasted. What if you craved more...pushing boundaries, sensations and rules? And what if the man that could give it to you was taunting you... tempting... seducing... a tease.

The Tease is Part Three in the Trying Kink serial. If you like Daddy kink, exhibitionism, lingerie and voyeurism, then this ongoing serialized story is for you.


(Parts #1-3 with BONUS content)

June 2020


If you're looking for voyeurism, lingerie, daddy kink and leather, this motor cycle MM romance has it all.

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