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The Individualists Series

M/M Contemporary Romance set in the Irish Countryside

This is a 3 book series. Book 1 & 2 published.

Book 3, Heart's Manor, Coming Soon.

The Individualists Series: Work
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The Heart Dealer
(Book #1)

April 2019

I need more than Art in my life, I need a man. Months away from my fiftieth birthday, it seems that life doesn’t want to give me a second chance at love. At least that’s how it was looking until a fortuitous meeting with a young artist has me falling head over heels. Now I’m craving things I thought I’d closed my heart to. Charlie is so full of light and possibility, it’s as if he was made for me. There’s just one problem: he’s half my age.

I’m used to running out of things: paint supplies, canvas, food, money, and patience. The life of a starving artist has turned out a little more real than I would have liked. As if being broke wasn’t bad enough, now I’m injured and suddenly homeless. Running into a wealthy art dealer seemed like a good sign for my career. But when sparks fly between us, business is the last thing on my mind. Alex is so stoic and strong—it’s like he’s the safe place I’ve been searching for. There’s just one problem: he’s twice my age.

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Heart from Home
(Book #2)

July 2019

What could be more complicated than being in the closet and sleeping with your sexy, older, Uncle-in-law? Falling in love with him. That’s what.

I’m a virgin. Okay, not a virgin, but I’ve never slept with a man. Because I’m not gay. Well, that’s not exactly true either, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve made my choice to live this way and I’m not about to change. A week of sun, sea and good food sounded like a nice distraction from the dreariness of my life, even if it was for my sister’s wedding. And it would have been fine if the groom’s sexy-as-hell Uncle hadn’t shown up and turned my world upside down. Now I’m facing the biggest decision ever: do I keep hiding or give in to temptation…

Ever see something and think to yourself, ‘that needs to be mine’? Well that’s what happened the minute I laid eyes on the young, gorgeous Irishman at my nephew’s wedding. The only problem is he’s in the closet. Oh, and about to be related to me. Maybe I should just leave Aidan alone, but what if he’d let me help him discover what he’s been missing? Surely, there’s no harm in that. All I have to do is not get attached to him. That’d be easy, right?

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Heart's Manor
(Book #3)


This will be book 3/3 in the Individualists Series.

Blurb coming soon.

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