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Legally Dead Series: Vampire Detective Lucien Thorne

Gay Paranormal Romance & Mystery set in the Shadowy Victorian streets of Dublin City.

Book Cover_Night Shift.jpg

Night Shift
(Legally Dead: Vampire Detective Lucien Thorne Book #1)

July 2022

There's a reason I only work the night shift...My name is Lucien Thorne and I'm a Vampire.

I’m not the only one of my kind. We’re all around you, lurking in the shadows. You’ve no idea how close we are. How we used to hunt you and feed off your blood. You think we're myth and legend. Believe me, we are very real. But we learned to co-exist. You were safe…until now.

I work as a homicide Detective in the Unexplained Crimes Unit in Dublin City. It was business as usual until this morning: a drained corpse laid out in the old Victorian cobbled streets. I recognize the scent instantly: a creature I haven’t seen in centuries.

A dark entity is rising from the depths. I'll do everything in my power to stop them. Even if that means working with an annoying human reporter who keeps getting in my way.

Night Shift is Book #1 in the new Legally Dead: Vampire Detective Lucien Thorne series. This M/M Paranormal Mystery is served with a large bite of romance, a HFN as their story continues, vampire lusty heat, a grumpy 313 year old Vampire and a feisty reporter with serious Daddy Issues.

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