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Heart from Home (Book #2 in The Individualists)

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What could be more complicated than being in the closet and sleeping with your sexy, older, Uncle-in-law? Falling in love with him. That’s what.


I’m a virgin. Okay, not a virgin, but I’ve never slept with a man. Because I’m not gay. Well, that’s not exactly true either, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve made my choice to live this way and I’m not about to change.

A week of sun, sea and good food sounded like a nice distraction from the dreariness of my life, even if it was for my sister’s wedding. And it would have been fine if the groom’s sexy-as-hell Uncle hadn’t shown up and turned my world upside down. Now I’m facing the biggest decision ever: do I keep hiding or give in to temptation…


Ever see something and think to yourself, ‘that needs to be mine’? Well that’s what happened the minute I laid eyes on the young, gorgeous Irishman at my nephew’s wedding. The only problem is he’s in the closet. Oh, and about to be related to me.  

Maybe I should just leave Aidan alone, but what if he’d let me help him discover what he’s been missing? Surely, there’s no harm in that. All I have to do is not get attached to him. That’d be easy, right?

Heart from Home is book #2 in the Individualists series. This series is Age Gap MM, and each book can be read as a standalone.


His Heart of Mine (Book #1 The Individualists)

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Can a wealthy art dealer and a homeless artist make a life together? 

Alexander Brown: 

As an art dealer, I’ve learnt that everything and everyone has a price. Months away from my fiftieth birthday, I’ve resigned myself to being alone: I need nothing more than my work to be happy. 
At least I thought I didn’t want anyone in my life... until a fortuitous meeting with a young artist has me questioning just how happy I really am. And now I’m craving things I thought I’d closed my heart to. Charlie is so full of light and possibility, it’s as if he was made for me. 
There’s just one problem: he’s half my age.

Charlie Delaney: 

As an artist, I’m used to running out of things: paint supplies, canvas, food, money, and patience. The life of a starving artist has turned out a little more real than I would have liked. As if being broke wasn’t bad enough, now I’m practically homeless. But nothing can deter me from my dreams. I just need to get a lucky break.
Running into a wealthy art dealer was beyond serendipitous. With Alex’s help, my career might finally take off. But when sparks fly between us, business is the last thing on my mind. Alex is so stoic and strong, it’s like he’s the safe place I’ve been searching for. 
There’s just one problem: he’s twice my age.


Love Theo (Dark Reserves Book #1.5)

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Dan has a Valentine’s Surprise…

A big one, huge in fact. It’s so good, he can barely contain his excitement. After all, who wouldn’t be excited to get to pull off the biggest surprise for the man that he loves. Because he loves Theo more than anything and he’s about to show him just how much.

Theo has a Valentine’s Secret…

One that he’s been keeping to himself for a long time. There’s something he wants to try but he’s never found a man he trusted enough to ask. Until Dan. His yummy Officer Daddy is all he’s ever wanted and Theo wants to share this with him more than anything.

One trip to Europe…

Lots of surprises and two big questions. Will this Valentine’s Day be the one that changes their lives forever?

Love Theo is a 15k short story which continues Theo & Dan's story. It contains Daddy kink, age gap, all the feels and steamy goodness. This is book #1.5 in the Dark Reserves series and should be read after book #1, Theo's Game, to enjoy it fully, but it can be read as a standalone.


Theo's Game (Dark Reserves Book #1)

Some sweet and tasty Daddy Kink

Theo Coleman wants nothing more than someone to love him. But at only twenty-three, life has taught him he doesn’t deserve it and he’s had more than his fair share of being abandoned. When a run-in with an ex gets out of control, Theo finds himself face to face with a dominant older man who seems determined to save Theo from himself. 

Officer Dan Jenkins has tried to leave the life he craves behind. No more clubs, no more kink and no more boys. When he intervenes in an argument outside a nightclub, he meets a boy that re-awakens that desire within him. All Dan wants is to care for someone, adore them and give them what they need. And Dan is convinced that Theo needs a Daddy.

When a chance encounter leads Theo to Dan, both men know they want to take a chance on each other. But when Dan discloses his kinky secret, Theo’s not sure whether he’s ready to play. Suddenly everything seems like a game, one where Theo doesn’t know the rules but he desperately wants to win the prize. Because Theo’s tired of losing and this time he wants to win. Can he put his past behind him to win Dan’s heart?

Theo’s Game is the first book in the Dark Reserves series. It’s a sweet and fluffy, Daddy kink MM romance featuring one sexy police officer, his feisty boy, rainbow sprinkles and handcuffs.


"Be kind, be kinky. Be kinda kinky."

Carrie S Joyce