Dark Reserves Series

M/M Romance (Daddy Kink & Taboo). This series follows a group of ex-military and police officers as they navigate careers in New York and some kinky relationships.
This is a sugary sweet and steamy series.

Four Book Series to-date.

Theo's Game.jpg

Theo's Game
(Book #1)

December 2018

Theo Coleman wants nothing more than someone to love him. But at only twenty-three, life has taught him he doesn’t deserve it and he’s had more than his fair share of being abandoned. When a run-in with an ex gets out of control, Theo finds himself face to face with a dominant older man who seems determined to save Theo from himself.


Love Theo
(Valentines Novella #1.5)

January 2019

One trip to Europe… Lots of surprises and two big questions. Will this Valentine’s Day be the one that changes their lives forever?

Dan has a Valentine’s Surprise… A big one, huge in fact. It’s so good, he can barely contain his excitement. After all, who wouldn’t be excited to get to pull off the biggest surprise for the man that he loves. Because he loves Theo more than anything and he’s about to show him just how much.

Theo has a Valentine’s Secret… One that he’s been keeping to himself for a long time. There’s something he wants to try but he’s never found a man he trusted enough to ask. Until Dan. His yummy Officer Daddy is all he’s ever wanted and Theo wants to share this with him more than anything.

Hunter's Desire.jpg

Hunter's Desire
(Book #2)

April 2020

What if you can’t feel anything anymore?
Hunter is many things: a tough cop, an ex-army ranger and a burnt-out Dom. But nothing fulfills his needs anymore, not even the men in the dark clubs he once liked to play in.
A weekend in Vegas for his best friend’s bachelor party throws up all sorts of new problems—namely a stubborn, whiskey-drinking, tough-guy, who seems hell-bent on provoking him.

What if you can’t save yourself?
Colsen is a train wreck, loaded full of explosives and headed toward a cliff. Sin City is the worst place for him: the perfect vice cocktail of drink, drugs, gambling, and sex.
Colsen’s on a path of self-destruction and he can’t find a way off.
Not until he admits what he really desires: someone to take away his suffering and save him from himself.

Archer's Aim.jpg

Archer's Aim
(Book #3)

May 2022

Desperate men do crazy things. But faking their own kidnapping might be a tad extreme…


Archer Benson: Running his own private security firm was supposed to be a fresh start for Archer after leaving the Army. And it was, until he got the contract for Montague Fine Diamonds. Now he's been tasked with babysitting the most arrogant, self-entitled, infuriating man he’s ever met.

He would quit if he didn’t need the money to fix the life-changing injuries he suffered on his last tour. All he needs to do is just get this job done and then he’ll never have to see this spoilt billionaire again. Easy.

Well, it would be, if Felix wasn't stirring up feelings Archer can't allow himself to feel. Afterall, Archer has resigned himself to being alone: he’s too damaged and disfigured to be with any man again.

But Felix isn’t like most men. He’s used to getting what he wants. And when he calls Archer daddy, there’s no going back.

Zayn's Sin COVER.jpg

Zayn's Sin
(Book #4)

Coming Soon

“Bless me Father, for I’m about to sin…”

Breaking rules for lust? Crossing the line for love? That's something Zayn has never done.
Growing up gay in a religious family, he was made to feel like a sinner. So, he made sure to always do the right thing. A decade in the military only made him more compliant and abiding.

But he's not that scared kid anymore. He's a tough, motorcycle-riding, military-trained, mercenary. And he's about to break all sorts of taboos.

Because I’m gonna take what I want. Even if doing so is the ultimate sin.

Joining the priesthood saved him. Running the church of Santa Maria feels like his calling, but when the church is targeted by local thugs, Carlos hires a private security contractor to protect them.

But he never expected it would drop a bomb onto his world: one who goes by the name of Zayn.

Their paths have crossed before, in the steamiest, most passionate encounter of his life. But he's a priest now. He's taken a vow of celibacy and sworn his life to his calling.

What should he do when something else is calling him?